Beauty Business Tools: Attract New Clients with Signage

Most marketing these days seems to be solely focused on online marketing, yet there are plenty of in-store tools most beauty entrepreneurs skip. These tools include sidewalk signage, banner signage, window clings, posters, outdoor signage – visual communications that “speak” to potential “passer-by” clients.

This low cost effective tool is easily portable and ensures your beauty business gets noticed. BeautyMark Marketing loves to help salons write and design signage that meets your business goals. Many business owners categorize banner stands as exhibition materials, but what are they really? They are attention getters, stand out with stunning visual communications.

After the initial monetary investment, a banner stand, poster easel, or sidewalk sign can be used over and over again. Pop it up to “talk-up” your latest salon promotion or event, use it in-salon to advertise your latest retail offers or dress up a window display, or bring it along to community or charity events.

Low cost and effective every salon should have a pair, or more. Invest in well-made, long-lasting fixtures and turn no communication into powerful visual communications.

To maximize your signage superpowers implement these tips:

1. Target your guest and goal

Who are you targeting with your signage or banner? What will appeal to this audience? Identify your target guess and goal to ensure both design and text are in line with your business objectives.

2. Marketing message

Make sure your signage has a targeted marketing message. The choice of words used are the “voice” of your salon or beauty business – make sure the message is right. Spend some time thinking about the marketing message and call to action. Short, clear and simple text is always best, bullet points work well.

3. Go bold with your sign design

In the beauty business discriminating taste requires beautiful design, hire a design or marketing professional. Your banner should be eye-catching and reflect your brand image and colors. Signage should be designed to be viewed from a distance for maximum impact.

4. Text size

Signage or poster text needs to be legible from across quite a distance. The desire is to attract the most potential new clients’ attention to your signage. Don’t try to say too much, less is more. Don’t feel you need to use every inch of space.

Don’t use more than two typefaces, and make sure they are clearly readable. Script fonts are not a good choice for banner stands as they’re more difficult to read.

5. Strong simple images are best

Choose an image that is strong and simple, images that are too busy or complex will distract from your message. It should be a current image with current styling and have enough room to provide for text.

6. Put your salon or beauty brand in lights

Banner stands are perfect salon brand beacons, be sure to include your salon name and logo at the top of the stand. This is the most prominent portion of your sign where people are more likely to see it. Don’t clutter your banner or poster with contact details, just your phone number and website are enough.

7. Check thrice

Before you print make sure to triple check your poster or banner for spelling, grammar and contact errors. Professionalism is another reflection of your brand, once they are printed it’s too late to find mistakes.

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