Autumn Allure: How to Transform Your Salon For The Season

Autumn allure: How to transform your salon for the season. Clients visit the salon on average every 4 – 8 weeks; create an experience the moment they walk through your salon doors. The end of August marks the back-to-school season, a time of transition to packed routines thus making late August/early September the perfect time to transform your salon for the fall season.

Refresh your salon environment by leveraging a fall merchandising theme that creates a unique shopping ambiance that sells more retail and adds to the bottom line. Implement our merchandising tips to add retail and service dollars that count!


How it works:

Determine a Fall “look” for your beauty business and express it by choosing props and retail products that tell a story in your special branded way. The objective is to create a salon experience that guests will not find anywhere else. Autumnal themes are plentiful. Any natural reference to Fall; such as apples, or fall leaves are all traditional back-to-school symbols.

Merchandising tells a story.

Theme everything to an autumnal “story” – color choices, merchandising support elements, point of purchase signs, and retail offerings work together to visually support the theme.

Tune into trends.

The color experts at Pantone® release a color trend report on fashion and runway-inspired color trends every season – this is a great reference to stay in tune with color trends that will quickly be in demand among your clients.



How it works:

Play up the season. White or colored pumpkins, leaves, feathers, apples, vintage books, and typewriters. These are some of the types of details that make your displays special. Create small vignette displays that are grouped by color or theme, the purpose of merchandising is to show off your “wares”.

Mix retail with merchandising support elements.

Add new products to your salon retail. Adding a new line of products to your salon retail lineup could open up whole new lines of business for your salon. Expand inventory by bringing in hair treatment products, fragrances, cosmetic organizers, pretty notebooks and pens, or “dorm-inspired” items (good gifts or POP).

Shelf talkers.

Tell your story clearly with themed point-of-sale signs or shelf-talkers mixed into retail displays. Clearly state prices, product highlights, seasonal packages, or specials you wish to highlight on the signage. Signage should both inform and encourage purchase.

Add zest with fresh flowers.

Fresh flowers mixed into displays add instant zest for such a little cost. The simple use of fresh apples and sunflowers in pretty vases adds instant fall expression to any retail display.

Want to make even more of an impression?

Repaint a focal wall, refresh shelf-talkers, and update point-of-purchase displays and merchandising accessories in your salon’s waiting and treatment areas.



How it works:

Salon windows are your most valuable advertising space. A fall theme should be prominently showcased in the window. Don’t underestimate the power of talking to the street. Pick a theme, be bold.

If done right, you are not only going to encourage potential clients to come into your salon, but you might also entice them to take a photo of your shop front and share it online & offline with people they know.

There is a variety of different ways to make your salon window display truly stand out. You could use your salon window display to show off your retail products or to provide evidence of the services that you provide. You could even try to create a tone or mood of what you feel your brand is all about!

The main thing to remember when putting together your own unique salon window display is to make sure that it is in keeping with the message and theme of your business.

Be unique. Be creative. Show your clients just what your brand is all about.



How it works:

A cool staged place or space in your salon specifically designated for clients to take selfies encourages clients to snap a photo and tag you. Add a bit of back-to-school fun to encourage salon tagging, or use it internally for cute backdrops to your before and after shots to share on social media.

Play up the season.



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