Beauty Industry Ideas for Instagram

There is one thing stand-out Instagram accounts all have in common. They tell a story. How do they tell a story? Consistently sharing content that is relevant to their business and their brand. How do you do it? By staying true to your business and creating an Instagram feed that looks and feels just like your beauty business.

Before you take the plunge use these tips to create content that will make you an Instagram stand-out:

1. Hair and Happy Clients

Most often clients are happy to show off their new hair, look, makeup, or nails. If you’re a beauty business, get your team into the practice of taking a snapshot of their work. This step alone translates into a a visual content goldmine. Ask your clients to be a part of the fun and get them involved, or take side and back angled shots instead. Transform ordinary pictures into stand-out shots with the use of a simple background which makes the model the focal point.

2. Highlight Your Team

Take a group selfie with your team! Show the fun side of the your team, share stylists working with clients, taking a break, behind the desk, with their favorite product, birthdays, and just being silly! Clients love to see and connect with their favorite stylists on Instagram.

3. Reflect Your Brand

Use your salon brand to help tell your story. Consistently utilize your brand’s in color palette, logo and word mark to create an Instagram feed that reflects your brand image and story. People LOVE to share beautiful visual content. Increase social sharing by creating strong visuals. If the visual is impactful, so will be the success of likes and “shares”. Posts should stand out through imagery, typography and color.

4. Salon Environment

Do you have a stand-out salon interior or exterior? Show it off by including images of your salon space, both inside and out. Include local businesses and shops near your salon location, for example your team’s favorite coffee shop. Tip: Tag nearby businesses and their followers will see your post! A great business-to-business strategy to grow your followers through local or nearby businesses.

5. Retail Salon Products

Instagram loves pretty pictures. Get creative and have some fun taking pics of your retail products. Set up a display, make it pretty, use flowers, use gem stones, use pottery, mirrors; a vignette that shows off your “wares” in a different way that echoes your brand look and feel.

6. Inspirational Quotes

Share inspirational quotes with your followers. Share what moves you and what you believe in. Select quotes that suit your salon brand and client demographics. Keep it light and fun.

7. Education and Training

Do you offer ongoing education and training to your stylists/service providers? Do you send your team to industry trade shows? Share these events via team photos for a behind-the-scenes view. This demonstrates that you invest in your staff and training, which builds loyalty and confidence.

8. Promotional Opportunities

Monthly promotions are simply well thought-out plans to keep clients and prospective clients aware of your beauty business. You want your salon or spa “top of mind” when they are motivated to make an appointment. Make sure it is you they call.
– Retail or Service Specials
– Referral offers (friend or new client)