Create a Salon Brand Pinterest Board

Your salon brand is the “first” impression you make, it speaks volumes without saying a word. Your salon brand either attracts interest or doesn’t. Creating a new brand or modernizing an existing Brand Identity shows both current and potential clients that you’re relevant as a salon and brand.

Looking to start a Salon Brand Pinterest Board to create the foundation of your brand? It’s easy to get carried away on Pinterest, pinning every pretty thing you see, but if you’re trying to create an inspiration board for your future salon brand or rebrand this strategy will lead to overwhelming artistic directions.

So how do you make a Pinterest board that has a distinct style and will actually aid in the branding process? Follow the steps below and you’ll be well on your way to an inspiration board with purpose.


Ok, I know I just said that pinning all the pretty things isn’t the best strategy, but it’s a good way to start, as long as you don’t stop there. In this stage, it’s just about getting it all out there, and later you’ll go back and refine it.

You’ll want to pin logos and branding that you like, but don’t stop there. Add some lifestyle, interior, fashion, and travel photos that have the overall style and mood of your business. This will create a more complete picture of what your brand should look like.

I like to envision brands as people. If your brand was a person what would she be wearing? What would she eat? What would her house look like? Thinking in those terms will make it a little easier to pin lifestyle images.


Once you’ve pinned to your heart’s content, it’s time to refine and move on to creating a “mood board”. I create mine in Adobe Illustrator, but for this purpose, you can create your mood board on a new Pinterest board.

Take a look at what you’ve pinned so far and see if there is a common theme or overall style. You may find that some images don’t fit or you don’t like them as much as others. It can be helpful to delete those ones altogether. Pick a handful of your favorite images and pin them to the new board.

When I create mood boards for clients I use nine images. It can be hard to narrow it down to so few, but if you have too many images you will start to have too many competing styles.


Now it’s time to take stock of what you have. Does your board feel cohesive? Is there an identifiable style or mood to it? Is there a unified color palette?

You might find that you like the content of the images, but they all have different color palettes. When that happens I start searching for similar images in the right color palette. This isn’t necessary, but it helps to create a more unified mood board that will better guide you in the rest of the branding process.

 Ideally, you want to be able to define the mood of the board in a few adjectives and be able to discern a color palette of 2-3 main colors.


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