Digital Marketing for Beauty Businesses

The importance of digital marketing for beauty businesses can’t be understated. What is your salon’s current digital marketing strategy? If you’re like many salon owners, you probably don’t have the digital footprint you’d like for your business. With the prevalence of technology in daily life, it’s not optional to have an online presence for your beauty business.

No matter how talented your stylists are or how great your salon experience is, you simply won’t get clients in chairs if you are not maintaining a digital marketing strategy that engages your target audience and represents your brand’s message.

Building Awareness for Your Business

From brides searching for wedding hairstyles to savvy fashionistas researching the latest hair color trends, there are tons of potential clients for your beauty business browsing the web. The right digital marketing services will help you get their attention, which will in turn fill your appointment books. Digital marketing includes several different strategies that engage audiences at key points to build awareness of your brand and leverage that awareness to build brand loyalists.

Content Marketing

You probably know that you need a functional website to get seen online, but it’s not enough to simply build a website and keep it static. Regularly adding new content to your website through a blog will keep new readers coming and engage those who are already aware of your brand. Plus, blog content can position you as a trusted beauty expert.

Social Media

Gone are the days of physical portfolios lined with photographs of your work. Social media provides a space for your portfolio to be shared with the world. However, simply posting pictures of your salon’s latest happy clients won’t be enough to grab attention in a saturated landscape filled with other beauty entrepreneurs vying for likes and shares. Social media marketing requires a specially curated approach with the right captions, hashtags, storytelling, and branding to stand out.

Paid Social Ads

If lead generation is a key goal for your salon, paid digital advertising is an essential tool for your marketing plan. Paid ads may be featured on Google and other search engines, social media platforms, or websites within the vast Google Display Network. With paid advertising, you can zero in on your target demographics to significantly raise brand awareness so you see an influx of new clients.

Email Marketing

One of the perks of digital marketing is the ability to customize your message to different segments of your audience to optimize engagement. With email marketing, for example, you can focus on reaching out to previous clients to boost client retention with well-timed promotions and appointment reminders.

Creating a Cohesive Brand Experience

It’s essential to keep in mind that your client’s experience with your beauty business begins well before they ever walk through your doors. They are most likely encountering your business for the first time online, and they should have a clear idea of what sets your brand apart before they have their first appointment. Your digital marketing should also reflect the same imagery and messaging as your physical marketing materials, so you build a cohesive, polished brand experience that levels up your salon’s professional image.

Need Help?

Unfortunately, not every digital marketing agency is equipped to cater to the specialized needs of beauty businesses. If you head to a generalized marketing agency, you’ll probably spend most of your time explaining how your business works, rather than strategizing your next marketing campaign. With BeautyMark Marketing, you’ll be working with industry experts who truly understand your business at every level. Contact us today for a Brand Consultation to discuss your marketing needs and make sure you Subscribe to our blog for weekly beauty business tips delivered to your inbox.

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