Rebranding Strategy – Is It Time for a Makeover?

Beauty branding is all about first impressions and in the business of beauty the bar is set high. Salons need a distinctive brand to stand out and attract clients in an over-saturated market. A Rebranding Strategy is what many beauty businesses face after being established business for 5+ years – is it time for a brand makeover? Modernizing a brand identity shows clients that you are still relevant as a salon and brand.

“What is your salon brand saying about you? It speaks volumes without saying a word”

How to Tell If Your Salon Brand is Ready for a Makeover

Inconsistent Brand Visuals

Inconsistent visuals are a dead giveaway that you are a DIY operation. You need a color palette that speaks to your ideal client, use a consistent font selection and keep a distinctive and cohesive visual story. Think Gucci, not Walmart.

Poor Brand Messaging

Bad copywriting ultimately means you are talking to the wrong audience. Content on your website and social media that is disjointed, lengthy, unclear, or too wordy comes across as unprofessional and low budget. Two things all beauty businesses should avoid at all costs.

Outdated Website

Your beauty business website needs to be up to the standards that premium clients expect. If your website is over 5 years old, or if you are still using your booking software’s landing page, then it is definitely time to update your online presence.


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A Brand is Not Just a Pretty Face

A brand is the complete package of brand elements that clients come in contact with
Wordmark • Logo • Color Palette • Pattern • Font Specifications

A salon brand is:
– a concept
– the foundation of your entire marketing framework
– the emotional and psychological relationship between a business and consumers
– what people think and feel when they experience your business (the essence)

Brand Makeover

Did you take our Brand Assessment? Can you no longer deny that your salon needs a brand makeover? We are beauty branding experts. Our brand styling process enhances your brand through the power of charm. We take your personality, your business, your audience, and your style into consideration throughout the design process. A professional rebrand will attract dream clients to your beauty business.

We are a beauty branding agency, our professional brand identity services create relevant, believable, well-positioned brands. Discover our Beauty Branding Services here and feel free to  Book a chat with me to discuss your project here 

Out With The Old

Even marketing agencies need brand makeovers! It’s a new era for BeautyMark Marketing and we couldn’t be more excited. A rebrand and a new sleek website to show off our services and style Check out our new website here