How to Fill January Books in December

December is the perfect month to implement a simple pre-booking strategy to help fill the books in the slower months ahead. Here are some ideas on how to fill January books in December.

Hold a Holiday Giveaway Drawing

Create a drawing to win a prize. Communicate the offer – explain to clients if they pre-book their next appointment, their names will be entered into a drawing to win a basket of products valued at $XX dollars. The prize, combined with the chance of winning, will give clients the extra incentive to enter (and pre-book).

Front Desk Training

Coach your front desk to ask every guest if they would like to get their name entered into our drawing for a chance to win Your Holiday Giveaway by pre-booking your next appointment. You’ll be surprised how your salon’s pre-book percentage for January will increase.


Start the Giveaway on December 1, and announce a winner on January 1.

Drawing Giveaway Ideas

1. Gift Basket

Assemble a stunning-looking basket or bag filled with top-selling products and accessories. Create a noticeable display front and center with a combination of signage and color; use tissue paper and colored pretty fabric ribbon to display. Shrink-wrapped baskets are great too.
Tip: Don’t make a cheap basket presentation, this will detract from your salon brand. Make the basket as gorgeous as your brand.

2. Free Service

Some clients will pre-book for a simple add-on service like a free paraffin dip, but the bigger the prize the bigger the incentive to pre-book. Give away a larger dollar service and your pre-booking rate will increase. Your investment will fill otherwise empty chairs, so keep the payoff in mind.

3. Gift Card

Another option is a gift card for a dollar amount that may be used towards the cost of service or retail or both – you choose. By running the contest for one month you are only giving away 1 – so make it BIG and make it count! Remember the more enticing the offer the more guests will pre-book otherwise empty chairs.

Use This Strategy for Other Slow Months

This Giveaway can be used for other slow periods as well, such as July and August. So don’t limit the use of a Giveaway, they can be used to fill whatever months need a booking boost.

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