How to Brand Your Salon Environment

How to brand your salon environment. As a proprietor of a hair salon, to compete in a competitive market,  your salon space needs to be an extension of your salon brand. It is the place where you demonstrate your team’s talents, abilities, and creativity. Your business environment should always be enjoyable, welcoming, and, most importantly, an elemental part of your client’s experience. Clients do not want to spend 2 – 3 hours of their time sitting in an old salon chair, facing dingy wall decor and reading magazines from a year ago. They want modern, sophisticated, and tranquil vibes to match their upcoming beauty service transformation. With the above in mind, it may be time to overhaul and revamp your space.

Creating a salon environment that adds to the appeal of your business is not easy, but with a few simple steps, it’s quite achievable. With that in mind, we have compiled some hair and beauty salon decor ideas in this post to assist you in growing your business.

Here’s how to decorate your salon on a budget
while being in line with 2022 decor trends


Your salon’s exterior is an extension of your business, as well as the first impression to any potential guests. The shop exterior is the first place to begin the branding experience IRL. Make sure your shop awnings and signage match your current branding and color palette, this includes a clean and tidy exterior with fresh paint and landscaping (if any). Don’t let a yellow lawn or dead planted pot be on display to tarnish your brand.

The window of your hair salon or beauty salon is the place to show some creativity and personality. The shop window is the second impression that a potential guest notices. There is a slim probability that a person will enter your business if the windows and exterior are not appealing. With a little creativity, your Window Display can become a draw to new guests. To accomplish this adjust displays by choosing seasonal colors and display elements, while remaining within your establishment’s “universe” or “look”.


If your hair salon or beauty salon’s reception area is unpleasant, new guests may leave or, at best, stay with preconceived notions of what to expect. The welcome area is frequently impersonal and does not add value to your salon. Make the reception shine with your own artistic eye or have signage developed for a polished appearance. Your clients must feel at ease from the moment they enter your establishment and you should always strive to make every client’s experience to be flawless.


If you have had a brand identity created for your salon or beauty business, look no further. Use your Brand Guidelines to find the Color Palette and let those colors guide you. Choose your main brand color as the reception backdrop wall color, and choose the associated palette for color direction on walls, cabinets, flooring, etc.

If you do not have a brand identity or any sort of branding in place, consider the colors that best reflect your target audience and brand personality. If you want to create a light, natural atmosphere, for example, use soft, pastel colors. Alternatively, if your business is associated with strength and luxury, you should shun light colors in favor of more dramatic colors such as metallics or dark hues. This will make your salon stand out visually.


Use decor to express your salon’s individuality. Guests should be able to sense your “vibe” the instant they walk into your store. Every component of your hair or beauty salon should be regarded as part of your guest’s unique experience when it comes to salon design. To attract the proper clientele, it is critical to maintain a consistent look and feel that the client can recognize.


A timeless trend but especially popular in 2022, Scandinavian vibes are all the rage but ensure that any new aesthetic aligns with your brand. Organic, woodsy furniture, and wall art are easy to incorporate into just about any aesthetic or space. While you can swing by your local IKEA to keep things exceedingly budget-friendly, consider World Market for unique pieces sourced from local artisans around the world. Grab one or two staple pieces like a long wood coffee table for your waiting area, or consider wall art with an organic appeal to anchor your salon space.


The importance of lighting cannot be overstated – it can make or break the look and feel of your salon,  as well as the guest experience. Avoid harsh overhead lighting, instead, choose a variety of different lighting solutions in different locations to create an ambiance in your space. Don’t light the entire room in the same way, or it will resemble and feel like a stage. and no one likes to be in the spotlight.

Warm lights are very relaxing and appealing, but they need to be bright enough for you to complete your task without difficulty. Furthermore, the lights should complement the salon room’s design and contribute to the overall mood. Make sure the light fixtures in the room match the rest of your salon’s interior design.


No hair salon or beauty salon is complete without mirrors. Mirrors not only allow your client to participate in the style process or interact, but they also help to enlarge the area. Use them wisely, especially if your salon space is limited!

Large round mirrors are a trendy way to make a small area appear larger. Floor-length rectangular mirrors are an excellent technique to increase the size of your business. The mirror quickly transforms the furniture arrangement into something useful, stylish, and noticeable.


It is integral for your salon to have a cohesive aesthetic for your entire space, especially for your salon chairs. While you may think that investing in new chairs is out of the question for your 2022 business budget, some chairs are not excessive in price and possess an aesthetic to wow your staff and customers.


Do you want your salon environment to be more Instagram-worthy? Consider setting up a selfie station, a very appealing and inviting location for clients to snap photos, then share and tag you on social media. This motivates your clients to promote your salon by acting as ambassadors. Put some unique furniture in one area if you have the space to create a fun and stunning spot that calls for photos to be shot and shared on Instagram. Alternatively, pick a small wall in your salon and create a unique branded backdrop.

Clients can take selfies after getting their hair done, and you’ll have a spot set aside for before and after photos. For the best brand representation, get your salon’s name or logo represented on the selfie wall. Don’t forget– when people post photos on Yelp and social media– those photos showcase your salon – make sure it is always in the best light possible.


Although investment is required to update your salon’s decor, it does not have to break the bank. Affordable options are out there– and they look great. Aside from the ideas broken down above, there are additional ways to create a beautiful ambiance, such as incense, candles, great lighting, and pleasant staff.


Potential clients want to see the “inside” of your salon, so make sure your social media feed includes images of your salon interior space, as well as outside view images. If they can see your establishment and view how beautiful, quaint, or whimsical your salon space is a potential client will be more likely to book an online appointment.


BeautyMark recommends hiring a photographer to get a catalog of images of your salon environment to use on your feed, as well as an entire “shot list” of images that will feed you content for months, if not years, to come.


Every aspect should be regarded as part of your clients’ unique experience when it comes to salon design. The key to making your customer feel welcome from the moment they walk through your doors is to understand your brand and clientele. It is critical to have a consistent and representative salon design in order to attract dream clients.


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