How to Maximize Valentine’s Day Sales

Did you know that the most popular day for Valentine’s gift card sales is Valentine’s Day “eve”? Panicked gift givers, who didn’t plan ahead, can step in or access your salon’s website and purchase a thoughtful gift for their loved one, making instant gift certificates a big money making opportunity for salons.

In addition to offering gift certificates for dollar amounts, consider putting together special combination packages. When people receive a gift certificate for a dollar amount, they tend to use it for services they normally receive at the salon. 

It is more profitable to sell “luxury service” packages to expose clients to new services they have never tried, and could continue. Packages are also a great opportunity to sell service combinations , each services added to a package increases the value to the client.

Tips To maximize your Valentine’s Day Package Sales
Indulgence Packages:
Valentine’s Day is about treating someone. Put together beauty and pamper packages that make the recipient feel treated. It works for both males and females. Can you offer grooming and makeover packages that a boyfriend or husband will enjoy?

Product Bundles:
Put together hair care products to sell as gifts. Just think about who is buying the bundle, and whom they are buying it for. Don’t put customers off by offering complicated bundles. Keep it simple. When offering product bundles, display and create attractive packages that are “ready-to-gift”.

Gift Card: 
Offering a monetary value to redeem against your services is a fantastic option for indecisive customers. If you are providing gift cards be sure they are professionally printed and look great. To create a superb first impression, present your gift cards with a nice notecard and envelope. 

Electrical Products:
Hair straighteners, dryers and other electrical goods make great gifts.

Joint offers:
Can you work with local restaurants or florists to come up with some joint offers? This is a little more work, but would make your promotion really stand out.

Promote Your Offers
After deciding your offers its time to promote to get as much exposure as possible. The premise is a simple one; the more people that are aware of your package, the more you are going sell. You have time to take advantage of Valentine’s Day, so make sure you get it right. Use the 2 to 3 weeks in the lead up to the 14th to get promoting and get selling (January 26th at earliest). Use all the marketing channels you can and make sure you brief your staff. 

Do you need help?
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