Steps 4 & 5: Determine Budget & Write Salon Marketing Plan

Step Four: Determine Marketing Budget
Now its time to implement your promotional strategy to achieve the goals and objectives of your business. Promotional strategy refers to the marketing mix to attract and retain clients. 

Most beauty business marketing budgets are set between 3 – 7% of total sales, depending on the organization and size. Each additional year a salon establishment is open, the budget should increase to yield more growth. Marketing is an investment in your beauty brand, it is necessary to create the awareness of your salon brand, services and products. The salons that really make a mark understand that marketing is not a luxury but a necessity to salon growth and success.

Salon’s need to find “the” perfect percentage of marketing dollars necessary to create a continuous stream of new and repeat clients. Decide on your overall marketing budget number ($$$) and allocate those funds to marketing and advertising endeavors only.       

Step Five: Write Marketing Plan
Don’t have a dream, have a plan. The simplest way to write a marketing plan is to start with a calendar. Not just an agenda, but a chart-style calendar that lists each month with key seasonal events, traditional holidays and retail opportunities. Next, plan promotions, events, or incentives based on business goals. 

By delivering your salon marketing message through a variety of marketing channels you increase the likelihood of being “found” by your target guest. 

Lucky you! We’ve taken the time to create a whole 2015 marketing calendar for you – with events for this upcoming year plus the marketing channels options for each one. Simply download the below, print out and get planning!

Click here now to download BeautyMark’s 2015 SALON MARKETING CALENDAR