How to Stand Out with Holiday Merchandising

This holiday season doesn’t limit your merchandising and display efforts to just your salon “retail space”– learn how to stand out with holiday merchandising and spread the merry throughout your beauty business. There are plenty of additional places in the salon to promote products and services. Determine a holiday look for your salon or spa and deck the halls! Decorate to add cheer and give an overall “ho-ho-ho” to your business in your special branded way.

For a plentitude of display ideas check out BeautyMark’s Pinterest Board here: Salon Holiday Merchandising | Retail | Display

No1 Salon windows.

Your salon windows are your most valuable advertising space. Holiday merchandising should be prominently showcased in the display window that faces the street. Don’t underestimate the power of talking to the street.

No2 Holiday Window Clings.

Holiday window clings can encourage customers to prepare for the Holiday Season, get them in a festive mood, and walk into your store. Take advantage of the holidays to enhance brand awareness using window displays to catch the attention of passersby and entice them to purchase that last-minute gift card or product for a friend.

No3 Set holiday-themed windows.

Pick a theme, and be bold. Then choose decorations and retail products that tell a story. Theme everything to your story – from your color to your merchandise.

No4 Use mirrors.

They add sparkle and depth, increase the light and expand the space.

No5 Incorporate movement into your display.

Fluttering festive ribbons or dangling ornaments introduce motion and interest. A small fan can be used to create even more movement.

No6 Use a mixture of different sizes and shapes.

Passersby traffic on the sidewalk can see a bottle of shampoo or lipstick in your window. Drive-by traffic cannot. So mix both large and small items to catch pedestrians’ and car drivers’ interest.

No7 Appeal to all senses.

Don’t stop at visual appeal, think about how your salon smells and sounds. Put together different playlists of various holiday music, don’t just play the tired Holiday favorites on a loop. Guests love hot spiced cider and it’s so easy to offer beautifully. Simply keep apple cider brewing in a crock pot with fresh sliced oranges and apples, cinnamon sticks, and cloves. The cost is minimal, clients love it, and the salon smells amazing.

No8 The front desk.

It’s your guest’s first and last stop. Be sure to place colorful product display trios and gift card holders in this important spot.

No9 Stylist stations.

When a client sits in the stylist’s chair, you have at least a half hour to capture her attention. Create mirror talkers that “start the conversation” of your current and upcoming salon promotions.

No10 Shampoo bowls.

It’s a client’s favorite spot (they love that scalp massage) so use it for merchandising or marketing too. Create a “display vignette” – a place to show off a gift-wrapped promotional item or sign.

No11 Salon restrooms.

Many salon owners don’t realize the value of this area. Here you have guests’ undivided attention, so create displays reminding them that your salon is the one-stop shop for holiday gift-giving.

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