Salon Pre Booking Success Secrets

Build Trust
A first time guest can turn into a loyal client through conversation and consultation. Establish yourself as a beauty authority by creating a “style maintenance prescription” from the beginning. Discuss and determine the follow-up required to retain a look or style – this strategy creates high prebook rates. Whatever prescription is determined, make sure your client is committed to come back for the necessary follow-up appointments. Pre booking is building trust with that client, committing to the care of your client’s hair or skin.

Clinch During Processing
A great time to clinch the prebook is while a client is processing, bring them a pre-book card and/or calendar. A professional calendar that clearly notes both your personal vacation schedule and the salon’s close dates increases the likelihood clients will book in advance to accommodate their schedules.

Get Date Specific
Pre booking increases when you get specific with the date for a follow-up appointment. State the actual date you would like the client to come back; instead of “four to six weeks” get specific – “I’d like to see you October 9”. This makes the re booking feel more concrete. Pre-book cards are also a great way to send your client up to the front desk with a date to book their next appointment.

VIP List
For clients that always turn down pre booking create a VIP List. The VIP List contains clients that are on “stand-by” for their recommended appointment week, when an opening becomes available they are automatically contacted to see if the appointment fits their schedule. This way your client feels special and you can fill-in cancellations or re-schedules.