Daisy Chain Your Pre-Booking Process

As a daisy chain connects one daisy to another, pre-booking requires the same chain link assembly. One of the easiest ways to maximize return rates and visit frequencies is by implementing a  pre-booking strategy. When a salon team works together in a synergistic fashion the result can pay off big time from job security to increased profits.

Check out this calculation:
400 clients booked every 8 weeks = $50 spend per visit or $120,000 a year. 400 pre-booked clients every 5 weeks = $200,000 a year, an $80,000 difference!

Daisy-Chain Essentials
The role between the front desk and service provider is vital for the daisy chain to work. Both need to play to make the chain work. The service provider uses consultation to help set up the pre-book while the front desk facilitates closing the deal.

The service provider can utilize the entire appointment as a consultation period. From the start review and recommend hair condition and hair solutions, this will not only help sell retail but it will confirm you as a beauty authority. Then when you advise them on the upkeep of color or style a pre-book recommendation becomes natural.

Pre-Book Card
A pre-book card turns the consultation into maintenance recommendation. The service provider fills out the card for recommended period for next booking and hands the card to the client. The client takes the card up to the front desk to pay.

Close the Deal
For the daisy chain to work the front desk greets each paying client with a consistent script such as “When did Jackie want to see you back?” then reaches for the pre-book card with advised booking date. “I see Jackie wants you back in 4 weeks, lets book that for you now”.

As a new service provider 50% is a good pre-booking percentage, but as your business grows so should your pre-booking percentages. Early fall is the perfect time to focus on pre-booking strategies that contribute to busier days, fuller books and bigger profits.

What does your staff say to get clients to pre-book? Start prepping for pre-booking, it can change your business.