Salon Retail: Hit Refresh This Spring

Spring Equinox, which begins on March 20th, represents a time of renewal, sunshine, longer days, and revealing more hair and skin, translating to some of the busiest months of the year for beauty businesses. Springtime is the perfect time to implement a formula for presenting beauty products beautifully and creating an ambiance that makes clients want to spend. Focus on salon retail: hit refresh this spring.

Along with spring comes the traditional “spring cleaning” ritual. Let retail be the root of salon growth this season by freshening up your salon retail space. A well-merchandised retail space that showcases your salon’s brands and product offerings will have the biggest impact on revenue this spring.

I have found in my consultancy work that even the most beautiful salons and spas often have retail space that disappoints in both “experience” and revenue. Many salon owners invest thousands of dollars in product lines but fail to invest in the basic elements to present brands and product offerings in an inviting manner that encourages sales.

Create a dedicated retail area.

A visually appealing retail space, when planned properly, can maximize sales by making products accessible and easy to browse.

Use great display shelving.

Avoid the average, opt for open-spaced shelving presented in clean, straight lines. Model your retail space on luxury beauty retailers– optimize display and merchandising to encourage customers to pick it up, try it, and buy it!

Create a focus table.

In the center of your retail space position a beautifully curated table of bestsellers, promotional or seasonal offers arranged on a focus table, ideally in direct view of clients as they enter and leave the salon.

Group brands together.

Brands make a better presentation visually when displayed together, on a shelf, looking fabulous, and begging to be bought.

Signage is important.

Take the time to create shelf talkers and point-of-sale marketing materials, displayed alongside products highlighting USPs and usage instructions.

Put a price on it.

Pricing products makes them easier to sell, especially when it comes to impulse purchases. A simple price sticker on or retail price list displayed alongside the products assists with sales.

Keep it clean.

Often overlooked is the importance of cleanliness. Spring clean your retail space – keep your products spaced and faced, ensuring boxes or bottles are aligned and facing front and center. Testers should be replaced or replenished.

Avoid clutter.

When it comes to merchandising your shelving make products front and center and add your own branded flair.

Mix it up every season.

Change up your retail layout and focus each season. This encourages regular clients to take note of products they might previously have overlooked.

Bring Spring IN

Bring the spring into the salon. With some fresh ideas and creativity, you can create a salon experience that guests will not find elsewhere. Theme everything to the “story” – color choices, merchandising support elements, point of purchase signs, seasonal merchandise offerings – should all further visually support the theme. A unique shopping atmosphere sells more retail and adds to the bottom line.

Spring Merchandising

Determine a Spring “look” for your beauty business and express it by choosing decorations and retail products that tell a story in your special branded way. This type of merchandising requires a little planning and a few “props” to add personality to salon displays.

Retail Displays

Create small vignette displays that are grouped by color or theme, the purpose is to show off your “wares” in a fresh way each time a client visits, every 6 to 8 weeks. Mix retail with merchandising support elements – these are the little details such as butterflies, nests, eggs, bird cages, gardening tools, vintage books, baskets, or trinkets that make your displays special.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers mixed into displays add instant zest for such a little cost. Fresh small bouquets in varying mini vases filled with tree branch blossoms, violets, bulbs, or flowers of any color add spring to any retail display.

Shelf Talkers

Tell your story clearly with themed point-of-sale signs or shelf-talkers mixed into retail displays. Point of sale signs clearly state prices, products, packages, or specials you wish to highlight which both informs and encourages purchase.

Spring Merchandise

Go beyond what your salon normally stocks. Load up your retail space with spring-themed merchandise such as floral headbands, clips, sunglasses, spring-trend makeup, nail lacquer, and jewelry.

Spring-Themed Window Displays

Flowers and green are traditional symbols of Spring. Pick a theme, go floral, go green.

Spring Themed Selfie Station

What is a Selfie Station you ask? It’s a cool staged place or space in your salon specifically designated for clients to take selfies – just make sure you include your salon logo and hashtag. Add a Spring Selfie Station in your salon to play up the season. Try a green leaf backdrop with florals, and hanging paper flowers…the possibilities are endless.

Easter Merchandising

The Easter holiday is a key calendar event, yet it is often overlooked. The timing of Easter sits in line with spring promotions, so play it up with pastel shades, bunnies, eggs, baskets, and all the sweet items that make Easter time such a treat.

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