Superior Guest Services

Superior guest services are no accident, it’s carefully designed and planned. Well-orchestrated client services create optimal client satisfaction and subsequently an increase in return guest rates. 

Can you classify your guest services as superior? If not, make customer service your 2015 focus and watch your return guest and re-booking rates soar.

Begin by tailoring every aspect of your beauty business to full fill your target guest’s needs and desires. Make everything you do all about the client. Make superior salon service a part of your salon’s values and culture so that from start to finish employees work together as a team to achieve the goal.

The first point of contact is often your salon coordinator or guest services. When prospective clients call, the salon coordinator communicates hospitality, helpfulness and efficiency. When clients enter the salon, they are greeted and welcomed by salon staff. Little things make a big difference. Offering refreshments, feeding the meter, and quick follow-up calls from your stylist. 

The secret is focusing on the client. Differentiate your salon from the competition by anticipating clients’ needs, developing products and services to meet those needs, and executing superior client service.