Kick the New Year Off Right >> Set Goals and Intentions

I love this time of year, the ceremonious tradition of setting new goals and intentions. The New Year is the ideal time to appraise the previous year’s marketing objectives and approach the New Year with a fresh focus and approach. 

Want to reset your salon marketing routine in 2015? We’ve created a list of key goals and intentions to be assessed to kick off the New Year right:

Make Marketing a Business Priority
Marketing is vital if you want to attract new clients, increase salon profitability, and capitalize on business opportunities. It makes business sense to give marketing the importance it deserves. Take an honest assessment of your salon’s 2014 marketing endeavors. Was there an investment of time, energy or money? If the answer is no, start out by blocking out one afternoon each week devoted to salon marketing objectives, or hire a professional marketing agency to focus on promoting your salon for you.

Website Makeover
An up-to-date, well-designed website sends out the right message about your salon, spa or beauty business. Take an objective view of your salon website. Is it looking tired and dated? As technology, design and fashion/beauty trends quickly evolve a website designed over 5 years ago is considered antiquated. Images should look contemporary, the navigation clear with easy interface, and online gift card purchasing and online booking apps make websites money makers. If your salon’s website is in need of a makeover hire a professional agency that can customize the perfect website for your salon brand.

Marketing Materials Review
Spread all your current marketing materials on a table and take a long, hard look at them. Is your brand identity looking a little tired? Are all the logos, fonts, colors and photography looking dated? Does the imagery and branding match that used on your website? 

Have lots of marketing materials to makeover? Don’t tackle them all at once, instead, pick the worst offenders and work through them one by one. Updating your brand collateral is best handled by a professional design agency so all pieces are consistent and beautiful.

Social Media Re-Evaluation
The New Year is a good time to re-evaluate your salon social media pages. The message is clear, many users who follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are hunting for great hair salon offers and promotions. Take your social marketing to the next level by hiring a professional marketing agency with the ability to mix-up the perfect combination of posts that include special offers, beauty trends, hair trends, tips and tricks.