Why Your Business Needs Professional Branding

why your beauty business needs professional branding

In the beauty business, client experiences are key. As a salon owner, you probably spend most of your time developing your client experience from the stylist’s chair. However, the salon experience isn’t limited to your physical space. You may have your products and services locked in, but what is it that drives clients to visit […]

Our Branding Process

our branding process

What is a Mood Board you ask? A Mood Board is a collage of a variety of visual elements – images, colors, patterns, graphics, and other objects. These visual elements help to define your brand visually before the actual brand development begins. This is the first step of communicating what your brand identity will look […]

Key Elements of Beauty Salon Branding

Key Elements of Beauty Salon Branding

“Brand” is much more than just a logo – it’s the foundation of your beauty business. A well-crafted brand creates emotion and experience. Beauty brands are all about style. If we think about well-known “big” beauty and hair brands, the first association that comes to mind is the fine-tuned overall perception of the brand. This […]