How to Run Full-Hearted Promotions

how to run full hearted promotions

Ask yourself honestly. Do you run full-hearted promotions? Poor execution is usually to blame for marketing promotions not meeting expectations. Many salons run campaigns with the goal to bring in new clientele, but the opportunity to turn the “promotion guest” into a loyal client is lost. How and why is the opportunity lost? There are […]

How To Maximize Client Return Rate + Visit Frequency

To every beauty business owner’s detriment many clients extend time between scheduled appointments due to busy schedules and desire to stretch the dollar. By implementing a pre-booking strategy you can maximize the return rate and visit frequency of your clients. The key is to reward clients for returning to the salon before they even leave […]

Salon Pre Booking Success Secrets

Build TrustA first time guest can turn into a loyal client through conversation and consultation. Establish yourself as a beauty authority by creating a “style maintenance prescription” from the beginning. Discuss and determine the follow-up required to retain a look or style – this strategy creates high prebook rates. Whatever prescription is determined, make sure […]