Digital Marketing for Beauty Businesses

importance of digital marketing

The importance of digital marketing for beauty businesses can’t be understated. What is your salon’s current digital marketing strategy? If you’re like many salon owners, you probably don’t have the digital footprint you’d like for your business. With the prevalence of technology in daily life, it’s not optional to have an online presence for your […]

Social Media Management Cheat Sheet

Social media keeps your business top of mind. Viewing your post in their feed is the perfect reminder to “make that appointment”. With tailored content salon businesses can reap the rewards of being in the right place at the right time. Simple Posting ScheduleThis sample posting schedule provides post ideas for a week. Use this […]

BLOG IT: Why Salons Should Blog + “2 Step Punch”

BLOG IT: Why Salons Should Blog

Blogging for your salon or spa – 4 times per month minimum – is time well spent or money well-invested (if you commission this service). Within 2+ months your salon or spa will reap the rewards in social media traffic, website traffic and brand awareness – all of which lead to the magical bottom line of sales.


Ideally your salon blog should be a part your website, to help your site get “visibility” or “search-able” to search engines. Ask your web designer/developer to set this up. Alternatively, get started by using a free blogging service such as a Blogger or WordPress.com then link your site to it somewhere.


So, are you ready for some content ideas? Great, let’s percolate!

1. Trends
The savvy salon owner stays ahead of beauty, hair and consumer trends and  turns them into opportunities for future revenue streams (with a new service offering or .

2. Services

Feature a service and describe in detail how you do it and the benefits. Remember to include price details and how to book to encourage sales!


3. Meet the team

Introducing your team can be a great way to make your salon feel approachable and friendly.

Why not feature a team member, talk about their fabulous skills, training and their favorite treatments. Add a bit of personality in there too, customers like to know the faces behind the brand.


4. Products

Products that you sell and use in your salon make for great content ideas. Tell clients how to use the product, and of course remind them that they can buy from you.


5. Behind the scenes

A little behind the scenes news adds some provenance to your salon. Sharing news like recent improvements, relevant and friendly stories such as team social events etc will help give personality to your brand and salon.


6. Clients

Featuring clients on your blog is a great way to share testimonials and to add credibility and approachability to your salon.

The genius part? Clients will share among their friends and family via Facebook and Twitter, so it’s a double whammy for content value. Ideas include before and after posts, or client “favorite services” stories.


7. Seasonal Deals

Seasonal deals are an obvious “great post” idea. Why not talk about offers during Summer or Christmas, or feature a birthday gift idea, or talk about life event related services like wedding packages or products for mums-to-be.


Getting the idea?


But what about imagery you ask? Sites like Veer and iStock are really affordable ways to get great images for business blogs for little investment.


So, let’s map this out for you even more:


Working with a 4 blog per month minimum ideal, let’s sketch out a 3 month blogging plan that will help your marketing and bring in business.



Month 1:

Product feature 

Behind the scenes 

Meet the team member 

Client story 


Month 2

Seasonal trend story 

Service focus 

Behind the scenes 

Meet the team 


Month 3

Product feature 

Seasonal trend story

Service focus 

Client story 



2 Step Punch

Need to blog but just don’t have the time? No problem, let BeautyMark do it for you! We research, then write posts of up to 500 words, including imagery sourcing and procurement.

Paid blogging is a “2 step punch”.

After a blog article is written, someone actually has to post and spread it across all social media networks. The second step of paid blogging is to “spread the buzz”. We have to get the posts out there on Facebook, Twitter et al and let the world know the posts exist! BeautyMark’s social-media-savvy team spreads your buzz and “socialize” the blog posts.


BeautyMark offers blogging services on a contractual basis, give us a call. We would love to hear from you! Xo, BeautyMark