How To Turn New Guests Into Repeat Clients

Do you find that most of your salon or spa clients are “regulars “or “one-offs”? How do you convert more of those one-time-only clients into regular guests? Get them connected! Not sure how to get connected, here are some ideas on how to turn new guests into repeat clients.

1. Build an Email List

Get the email address of every single customer that enters through your salon or spa doors. This simple act automatically turns a customer into a contact. If you are not building an email list you are not growing your business.

2. Email Follow-Up

Start implementing a repeat visit email marketing strategy the day after a salon/or spa service.

1 day later – Send a helpful email with important advice regarding color maintenance, style maintenance tips, or to keep hydrated after a massage.

1 week later – Send an email where they just check in with the customer. No sales pitch. Nothing. Just a simple email asking them how they’re doing, and then share an article about the importance of getting a massage regularly.

2 weeks later – Send an email invitation to join your loyalty program to get them to continue to buy and book (if you were not able to sign them up in-salon).

3. Offer a Loyalty Program

An attractive loyalty program must provide guests with perks and rewards starting with the first visit. Here are examples of salon loyalty program structure:

Service and Retail Purchases
– 1 point for every dollar spent on services
– 2 points for every dollar spent on retail
– 2 points for every dollar spent on series

Pre-booking Appointments
– 250 points for reserving and maintaining your next appointment at check out

Refer a Friend Bonus
– 1000 points for referring a new guest to the salon

100 points are equal to $1.00.
Points are eligible to be redeemed for services only. 1000 points are the minimum threshold to redeem and have a value equivalent to $10.00.

Rewards expire after one year of account inactivity. In order to receive the referral points, a new guest must state who referred them on their first visit.

Spa Loyalty Program Structure

Loyalty Card
A loyalty “punch card” that offers 1 free service after 10 is perfectly suited for massages, facials, manicures, and waxing.

Pre-booking Appointments
To entice pre-booking at checkout offer the loyalty card immediately and include the service just provided towards the free service.

Artificial Advancement
Increase customer retention by offering the first service plus the service they pre-book as rewards (punches on the loyalty card). Customers are more likely to complete tasks when closer to the finish line, starting the loyalty card with 2 punches is a great incentive for recurring appointments.

Artificial advancement has the best effect when there is a clear reason why the client is receiving the bonus such as a new client incentive, loyal guest appreciation, or a special sale. One-off clients who don’t have a massage habit may just develop one after receiving a regimen of massages.

So, how do you turn new guests into repeat clients? Follow-up is the key. When running a salon or spa business, your job is to make sure your products and services are the best they can be. If you want to sell more, you’ve got to learn how to market your business.

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