How to Achieve Digital Word of Mouth (eWOM)

To thrive in the competitive beauty market climate salons must transition from traditional to digital marketing. The marketing “must-haves” of today begin with a stellar website and a strong social media presence. Social media marketing is best described as “conversational” marketing, giving beauty business owners the opportunity to spread the word in a whole new way. Here are ways to achieve digital word of mouth for your beauty business.

The number one way to build salon business is still “Word of Mouth” – it’s now simply digital word of mouth (eWoM).

Social media accounts work as fantastic traffic funnels to your business website, making websites the modern-day welcome mat to potential clients. Social media marketing is the process of gaining attention and encouraging prospective clients to follow and engage with your business.

It’s hard to quantify the ROI of consistent, branded, engaging social media. A successful social media strategy combines promotional opportunities with shareable content to maximize salon exposure, increase overall engagement, and attract new clients to your business. Are you maximizing your salon’s eWoM? Are you implementing a share-ability social media formula?

Top of Mind

Social media keeps your business top of mind. Viewing your post in their feed is the perfect reminder to “make that appointment”. With tailored content, salon businesses can reap the rewards of being in the right place at the right time.

Strong Visual Content

People LOVE to share beautiful visual content. Increase social sharing by creating strong visuals. If the visual is impactful it should receive more engagement, more “likes” and more “shares”. Posts should stand out through imagery, typography, and color.

Give “More”

To get your social media content liked and shared, give more. The “more” is that little something special that people love – something pretty, something inspirational, something with that coveted “share-ability” factor.

Hair & Beauty Tips

Share articles from notable beauty, hair, style, and fashion sources to create a constant flow of fresh content to reach out and engage your social media audience.

15 Minutes of Fame

Feature clients on your social media – it’s a great way to boost confidence and give followers their “15 minutes of fame”. Gorgeous “afters” or client appreciation posts make them feel like a star. These types of posts are also generously shared with friends and family, gaining, even more, brand awareness.

Day in the Life

Keep it personal by sharing “behind the scenes” images, new staff announcements, staff events, etc

Showcase Work

Instagram is an easy way to showcase your best salon work to both current and potential clientele. One of the huge benefits of Instagram for salons is that posts can be reposted to both Facebook and Twitter.


Contests with prizes are great shareable content, everyone loves winning something. Create no cost or low-cost prizes or services. Double new guests and engagement by creating a prize package (or gift) for two! More shares equal more exposure.

– Promotional opportunities

– Retails or Service Specials

– Contests with prizes

– Nominations for a makeover

– Referral offers

– Monthly drawings

– Giveaways

Get Ideas from Large Retailers

Check out social networks contests and drawings that large retailers use to boost social followers and email contacts. Adapt these ideas to your salon. Above all, always remember to make your posts share-worthy.

Simple Posting Schedule

This sample posting schedule provides post ideas for a week. Use this as a guide or inspiration for what to post to your social media accounts. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and find your salon’s unique online “voice”.

Monday – Behind the scenes, salon news, new staff announcements, salon life, and events
Tuesday – Share high-end source hair and beauty content
Wednesday – Share retail products and recommendations
Thursday – Ask a question, share a contest; something to interact with your audience
Friday – Post promotional opportunities, retail specials, giveaways, events, etc
Saturday – Post a hair or beauty “how-tos”, trends, inspiration, video, demonstration
Sunday – Share an inspirational or short quote

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