8 Steps to Run Full-Hearted Promotions

8 steps to run full hearted promotions

Ask yourself honestly. Do you run full-hearted promotions? Poor execution is usually to blame for marketing promotions not meeting expectations. Many salons run campaigns with the goal to bring in new clientele, but the opportunity to turn the “promotional guest” into a loyal client is lost. Read more to find out the 8 steps to […]

Top 15 Marketing Ideas to Build a Solid Clientele

Marketing Ideas to Build a Solid Clientele

Salons are everywhere, and in an over-saturated market, it is doubly important to understand how to differentiate your salon to attract new clients. Here are the top 15 salon marketing ideas to build a solid clientele and a solid business future. 1. Online Booking. Want to boost sales and increase productivity by more than 40%? […]

How To Turn New Guests Into Repeat Clients

Turn New Guests Into Repeat Clients

Do you find that most of your salon or spa clients are “regulars “or “one-offs”? How do you convert more of those one-time-only clients into regular guests? Get them connected! Not sure how to get connected, here are some ideas on how to turn new guests into repeat clients. 1. Build an Email List Get […]

DIY 2021 Marketing Planner

DIY 2021 Marketing Planner

Need marketing help but on a budget? Plan ahead with our DIY 2021 Marketing Planner. Beauty of a Book™ is a compilation of my top blog posts to help beauty bosses grow their businesses throughout the entire year. Beauty of a Book™ commences with a Set The Stage section that includes a beauty-specific Marketing Guide, […]