How to Write a Brilliant Beauty Business Blog

Write a Brilliant Beauty Business Blog

Thought about starting a salon blog but are just too intimidated to strike the first key? Or, do you have a current salon blog you are looking to make improvements on? Here are 6 top tips on how to write a brilliant beauty business blog and turn your blog into a brilliant inbound marketing tool. […]

Boost Business with a Salon Blog

Boost Business with a Salon Blog

The perfect way to spark the chain reaction of inbound marketing is a salon blog. Blogging is one of the “Attract” methods that help pull a potential client into your marketing funnel. Including a salon blog in your marketing mix is part of a powerful strategy to boost business. 3 Stages of Inbound Marketing Stage […]

Top 7 Localized Marketing Ideas

Localizing your salon marketing efforts to attract clients is a fantastic way to create a solid roster of repeat clients. Localization involves targeting promotional offers to people who live within 15 – 20 miles of your brick-and-mortar salon. Localized marketing efforts let you narrow down your promotions to reach potential customers in a given region, […]