Why Boosting Posts Makes Me Cringe

why boosting posts makes me cringe

This week I was reminded of why boosting posts makes me cringe. As I was scrolling through Facebook my eyes landed on an ad for a salon I had never heard of before. There was no image, no description of the service or offer, and no indication of who it might be for. Curiosity got […]

How to Market Your Salon Using Facebook

How to Market Your Salon Using Facebook  While Facebook is primarily a social networking site, businesses can use the site to their advantage as well. Having a presence on Facebook for your salon affords you the opportunity to interact with current customers and potential customers alike on a virtual level. Facebook also offers a unique […]

Hair Salon Branding on Facebook

Planning a brand takes time, insight and forethought – you have to look to the future. The ingredients of a pulled together brand are: Logo | 2 Patterns | 2 or 3 Photos | Tagline | Blog Elements  | Color Palette | Font Palette. Your Facebook landing page is an extention of your brand and […]