Fall Merchandising Tips That Increase Salon Retail Sales

Fall Merchandising Tips That Increase Salon Retail Sales

The Autumnal Equinox falls in September, making September the perfect time to implement a merchandising update. Determine a Fall “look” for your beauty business and express it by choosing props and retail products that tell a story in your special branded way. The objective is to create a salon experience that guests will not find […]

11 Merry Merchandising & Display Tips

This holiday season don’t limit your merchandising and display efforts to just your salon “retail space”, spread the merry throughout your beauty business. There are plenty of additional places in the salon to promote products and services. Determine a holiday look for your salon or spa and deck the halls! Decorate to add cheer and […]

How to Sizzle Retail Sales with Summertime Merchandising

Merchandising refers to the in-store variety of products available for retail sale and the display of those products to stimulate interest and entice customers to make a purchase. Best salon merchandising practices would refresh based on average client visits, every 6 to 8 weeks. With the summer solstice on June 21st, this becomes a great […]

How To Spring Clean Your Retail Space

View fullsize   Along with Spring comes the traditional “spring cleaning” ritual. Let retail be the root of salon growth this season by freshening up your salon retail space. A well merchandised retail space that showcases your salon’s brands and product offerings will have the biggest impact on revenue this Spring. I have found in […]