How To Maximize Client Return Rate + Visit Frequency

To every beauty business owner’s detriment many clients extend time between scheduled appointments due to busy schedules and desire to stretch the dollar. By implementing a pre-booking strategy you can maximize the return rate and visit frequency of your clients. The key is to reward clients for returning to the salon before they even leave […]

Salon Pre Booking Success Secrets

Build TrustA first time guest can turn into a loyal client through conversation and consultation. Establish yourself as a beauty authority by creating a “style maintenance prescription” from the beginning. Discuss and determine the follow-up required to retain a look or style – this strategy creates high prebook rates. Whatever prescription is determined, make sure […]

Daisy Chain Your Pre-Booking Process

As a daisy chain connects one daisy to another, pre-booking requires the same chain link assembly. One of the easiest ways to maximize return rates and visit frequencies is by implementing a  pre-booking strategy. When a salon team works together in a synergistic fashion the result can pay off big time from job security to […]