The Key to Client Retention is Follow Up

Do you find that most of your salon or spa clients are regulars or “one-offs”? How do you convert more of those one-time only clients into regular guests? Get them connected! Not sure how to get connected, here are some ideas! Build Email List Get the email address of every single customer that enters through […]

How To: Run Full-Hearted Salon Promotions

From the standpoint of a marketing agency it can be both baffling and frustrating to observe a salon client running a salon promotion in a half-hearted manner.  Salon owners can be quick to surmise that marketing is a waste of money when a promotion disappoints; yet poor execution, rather than the promotion itself, is usually […]

Salon Pre Booking Success Secrets

Build TrustA first time guest can turn into a loyal client through conversation and consultation. Establish yourself as a beauty authority by creating a “style maintenance prescription” from the beginning. Discuss and determine the follow-up required to retain a look or style – this strategy creates high prebook rates. Whatever prescription is determined, make sure […]

Daisy Chain Your Pre-Booking Process

As a daisy chain connects one daisy to another, pre-booking requires the same chain link assembly. One of the easiest ways to maximize return rates and visit frequencies is by implementing a  pre-booking strategy. When a salon team works together in a synergistic fashion the result can pay off big time from job security to […]