2016 Salon Promotion Planning Cheat Sheet

Best retailing practices state that salon owners and managers should start planning promotions about three months in advance. While it’s not hard to put together packages or tailored retail displays, you can’t do it last-minute.  To make it easy on you BeautyMark has created a cheat sheet for WHAT HOLIDAY you should be planning and […]

Selling Salon Services vs. selling the “Salon Experience”?

Do salons and spas simply sell “hair cuts” and “massages”?  Salon advertising promotes salon (and spa) services and products, but rather than focusing on the price point, the promotion or the special offer what beauty business’ should be selling the salon experience.  The way the client feels when they leave the salon is the reason […]

Salon Industry Overview ~ Cliches All Day!

In a culture of cult-like beauty and fashion aspiration, salon services have transformed from a luxury to an absolute necessity. Although demand has increased, salon marketing and branding strategies remain in dire need of an industry-wide makeover. Salon clichés The salon industry is full of marketing clichés. The “sameness” of salon marketing and salon branding strategies […]

Salon Marketing Tip: Focus on your top clients

Salon Marketing Tip: Focus on your top clients Running a successful, profitable salon business in these tough economic times is hard. You need to hang on to every single client as hard as you can. Right? Wrong. Avoid this salon marketing trap It is tempting to believe that by nurturing and cosseting low-potential clients you can grow […]