Get Our Daddy Strategy

get our daddy strategy

For some beauty businesses, June signals the beginning of the slower summer months. But when planned properly and initiated early enough, Father’s Day can be a nice marketing opportunity for two reasons – firstly, to boost June sales, and secondly, to tap/or refocus on the male demographic. This year implement “The Daddy Strategy” for a […]

Guide Growth with Long-Term Marketing Strategies

Guide Growth with Long-Term Marketing Strategies

As much as we would like to grow our businesses overnight, short-term marketing methods offer only a temporary boost in revenue that comes at the cost of paying for that ad presence, giveaway, or promotion. Instead, guide growth with long-term marketing strategies that achieve long-term sustainability. Long-term strategies include Social Media, Content/SEO Marketing, and Email […]

Digital Marketing for Beauty Businesses

importance of digital marketing

The importance of digital marketing for beauty businesses can’t be understated. What is your salon’s current digital marketing strategy? If you’re like many salon owners, you probably don’t have the digital footprint you’d like for your business. With the prevalence of technology in daily life, it’s not optional to have an online presence for your […]

How to Run Full-Hearted Promotions

how to run full hearted promotions

Ask yourself honestly. Do you run full-hearted promotions? Poor execution is usually to blame for marketing promotions not meeting expectations. Many salons run campaigns with the goal to bring in new clientele, but the opportunity to turn the “promotion guest” into a loyal client is lost. How and why is the opportunity lost? There are […]

How To Turn New Guests Into Repeat Clients

Turn New Guests Into Repeat Clients

Do you find that most of your salon or spa clients are “regulars “or “one-offs”? How do you convert more of those one-time-only clients into regular guests? Get them connected! Not sure how to get connected, here are some ideas on how to turn new guests into repeat clients. 1. Build an Email List Get […]

Valentine’s Day Last Minute Gift Card Strategy

Cupid’s Day is quickly approaching, planning to implement a last minute gift card email campaign can add some love to 1st quarter revenue. Rescue ProcrastinatorsRemind your guests about the convenience of gift card giving and offer an online gift card promotion. Email marketing gets your gift card promotion straight into client’s email boxes.  To strike the […]