Key Elements of Beauty Salon Branding

Key Elements of Beauty Salon Branding

“Brand” is much more than just a logo – it’s the foundation of your beauty business. A well-crafted brand creates emotion and experience. Beauty brands are all about style. If we think about well-known “big” beauty and hair brands, the first association that comes to mind is the fine-tuned overall perception of the brand. This […]

Beauty Branding 101: The Power of Charm

When the choices are many, what makes you choose one product over another? It’s all about the “je ne sais quoi” factor, that special something that allures and charms. Now transfer this idea to your beauty business. Are you a salon in a sea of salons? Or a skin care product amongst many? Do you […]

The Difference Between a Salon Logo and a Salon Brand

A salon logo is: the representation of your business in its simplest form the emblem or mascot of the business the foremost element that triggers the feelings of consumers critical for an organization to be recognizable a trademark A salon identity is: The complete package of brand elements that work together and create the impression […]

BRAND LOVE: Kate Spade

Did a little shopping in San Fransisco for Christmas and was inspired by Kate Spade – engaging brand extraordinaire!! Love their style and presense.

Salon and Spa Marketing Development

Basic Branding of Your Salon or Spa Branding your salon or spa is a crucial part of your business development for medium to long term success. So, what does branding really mean? Branding is the proprietary visual, emotional, and rational image associated with your company. Branding is communicating your businesses core attributes and qualities, and […]