Key Elements of Beauty Salon Branding

Key Elements of Beauty Salon Branding

“Brand” is much more than just a logo – it’s the foundation of your beauty business. A well-crafted brand creates emotion and experience. Beauty brands are all about style. If we think about well-known “big” beauty and hair brands, the first association that comes to mind is the fine-tuned overall perception of the brand. This […]

What Does Your Salon Brand Say About You?

What Does Your Salon Brand Say About You?

What Does Your Salon Brand Say About You? What first impression does your salon create in the minds of your clients? What lasting impression does it make? Charm is often overlooked, yet it is the most persuasive beauty communications tool there is. A beauty business requires a presence of charm to create a genuine connection […]

4 Simple Steps to Embody Your Rock Star Salon Brand 

Rock stars. What is it about them that makes us so giddy, emotional, and drawn IN? True, they live a life most people only dream about. The private jets, legions of fans, millions of dollars, and mega houses around the world. What’s NOT to covet? But when you get underneath the flash and fabulousness, there’s […]

Salon Advertising and Spa Advertising

Marketing your salon or spa is as important to your business success as having a professional staff and competitive pricing! Every hair salon or spa owner knows that the most important element in retaining customers in their business is having a quality staff that ensures customer satisfaction on each and every visit. But retaining your […]

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Branding is ALL ABOUT first impressions and in the business of beauty the bar is set high, salons need a distinctive style to stand out and attract fashion-savvy clients in an over-saturated market. BeautyMark Marketing’s professional brand identity services create relevant, believable, well positioned brands. Not just a pretty face. Developing a brand identity specifically […]

Importance of a Branded Image for Salons

We’re always hearing the word branding and about the importance of building a brand, but what actually is a brand and how important is it to a salon? A solid salon business is just about great hairdressing isn’t it? Or is it? According to Kierna Terrisse founder of BeautyMark Marketing, most people think of a […]