12-Month Marketing Guide – Don’t Wing It, Plan It!

How to Implement Seasonal Marketing Strategies

Seasons and public holidays are at the heart of a successful salon marketing calendar. When done right, coordinated salon promotions can generate a steady flow of guests year-round. A salon marketing plan is simply a well-thought-out 12-month marketing guide or plan of specials and promotions for your salon. Monthly promotions help keep clients and prospective […]

Beauty of a Book Marketing Guide eBook

Beauty of a Book Marketing Guide

Wouldn’t you like to know exactly what your potential guests are looking for at any given time of year? The demand for salon services evolves seasonally, and your marketing strategy should allow you to tap into current demands so that your brand is always top of mind for your guests. That’s why Beauty of a […]

Marketing Tips to Glean Graduates

Graduation 2018 is around the corner – start booking trials and Graduation Day appointments now. Graduation season begins in May and runs through the month of June. Providing special graduation day services provides an opportunity to introduce your salon to students of all ages – this is especially relevant to salons located in college-towns. This […]

Without Client Attraction Your 2013 Salon Marketing Plan Doesn’t Matter!

When it came time to plan our 2013 Ready-To-Wear Salon Marketing Calendar we focused on providing salon professionals with ways to attract new clients to the salon. It’s so simple; you can’t engage people without first attracting them. You can’t develop loyalty without providing them with a memorable experience. Nothing happens in business without client […]

How much do you SPEND on marketing your salon or spa in a year?

A prospective new client recently stated that she had spent ‘about $1000’ on advertising in the last year. And she was complaining that she made ‘only’ about $50,000 profit for the year. Mmmm, let’s see. Spend $1,000 to make 50k – in my simple mind, that’s a 50-1 return on investment. I’d say that’s pretty […]

Hair Salon Branding on Facebook

Planning a brand takes time, insight and forethought – you have to look to the future. The ingredients of a pulled together brand are: Logo | 2 Patterns | 2 or 3 Photos | Tagline | Blog Elements  | Color Palette | Font Palette. Your Facebook landing page is an extention of your brand and […]