Hidden Salon Marketing Opportunities

Many salon owners miss business opportunities that already exist within their client segments. By regularly targeting specific clientele segments (groups) it is possible to increase your overall salon business one segment at a time. Talking to a small percentage of your salon client base with a targeted salon marketing message is an inexpensive way to […]

Is Your Salon Marketing Plan Working 24/7?

Is your salon marketing plan working 24/7? Your salon’s online digital presence is a valuable piece of the overall salon marketing puzzle. The web is exploding with marketing opportunities. When a salon’s online presence is developed and executed professionally it can generate new salon leads for you 24/7. If Facebook, Twitter, G+, and Pinterest apps […]

Why aren’t you on BeautyMark’s Ready-To-Wear Salon Promotion System?

Why aren’t you on BeautyMark’s Ready-To-Wear Marketing System? Don’t miss out on the sales you could capture during this next holiday season with the right offer, the right message & the right marketing. During December, marketing becomes even more crucial because your guests are looking for the most compelling reason to buy this season. The […]

Salon Marketing = Best Investment in Future

  The money you spend on your hair salon’s marketing is one of the best investments you make. Proper marketing far enriches your business more than the costs. Your marketing budget should be approximately 4-6% of your salon’s projected net income. Remember you are not only selling your services, you are selling BEAUTY and STYLE. […]

Low Customer Retention = Poor Salon BRANDING?

WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU FRESHENED UP YOUR BRAND? The average salon loses over 20 percent of its client base each month and, for every 10 new clients, less than 3 come back. Poor customer service certainly plays a part sometimes but there is a very different culprit to blame for low returns – […]

Salon Industry Overview ~ Cliches All Day!

In a culture of cult-like beauty and fashion aspiration, salon services have transformed from a luxury to an absolute necessity. Although demand has increased, salon marketing and branding strategies remain in dire need of an industry-wide makeover. Salon clichés The salon industry is full of marketing clichés. The “sameness” of salon marketing and salon branding strategies […]

Appraise Your Salon Marketing This Summer {the perfect time}

It may not be the traditional time, yet the quieter summer months are ideal to appraise and re-think your salon marketing to be ready for fall’s big promotional push followed by the festive rush. Focus on these few key areas over: MAKE SALON MARKETING A PRIORITY Marketing is vital if you want to attract new […]

BeautyMark Marketing Puts the WOW Back In Web

More and more consumers are turning to the internet to find products and services, and locate businesses in their area. Creating and promoting a website for your salon or spa should be a key element of your business marketing strategy if you want to be competitive. Attract more clients and retain existing ones with complete […]

BeautyMark Marketing’s Ready-To-Wear Salon Marketing System

BeautyMark Marketing gives you a suite of customized promotional communications tools for a consistent message both online and in-store
. Promote your Salon through Ready-To-Wear Email Marketing
 Promote your Salon through Ready-To-Wear Homepage Digital Graphics Promote your Salon through Ready-To-Wear Social Media Marketing Promote your Salon through Ready-To-Wear In-Store Graphic Tools {Window Clings. Posters, Mirror Talkers} […]