Autumn Allure: How to Transform Your Salon For The Season

Autumn allure how to transform your salon for the fall season

Autumn allure: How to transform your salon for the season. Clients visit the salon on average every 4 – 8 weeks; create an experience the moment they walk through your salon doors. The end of August marks the back-to-school season, a time of transition to packed routines thus making late August/early September the perfect time […]

Clientele Segmentation Opportunities

Client segmentation opportunities

Many salon owners miss business opportunities that already exist within their client segments. By regularly targeting specific clientele segments (groups) it is possible to increase your overall salon business one segment at a time. Talking to a small percentage of your salon client base with a targeted salon marketing message is an inexpensive way to […]

Does Your Beauty Website Convert?

does your beauty website convert

Is your website old or outdated? Not seeing traffic or conversions? Don’t know how to update it yourself? Need a re-brand but don’t know where to start? We specialize in designing and building beautiful conversion-optimized websites to help beauty businesses like yours book more online appointments. At BeautyMark Marketing we prioritize: Gorgeous Design Our branding […]

Back to School Equals Back to Business

Back to school equals back to business

Wasn’t yesterday just July 4th? Why, Yes! But in the world of marketing and advertising, you ALWAYS PLAN AHEAD. Many school districts in the South start back the week of July 31st!! Back to school equals back to business for salons across the county. August and September mark the “Back-To-School” season, a time of starting […]

Seasons Sell Salon Promotions

seasons sell salon promotions

When done right, coordinated salon promotions can generate a steady flow of guests year-round. The key to salon promotions is to “solve” the ever-changing beauty problems and needs throughout the calendar year. Create incentives that address holiday or seasonal needs of the skin, hair, beauty, and wellness each month of the year. Seasons and public […]

Tips to Keep Clients Coming Back This Summer

tips to keep clients coming back this summer

Slow summer worries? No matter the reason, slow periods are inevitable, so there’s no need to panic. Plenty of promotional strategies can be put into play to keep income flowing and even pull in new clients during these slow times. Pick up the pace with these tips to connect with clients and keep them coming […]

The Trust Funnel: A Client’s Journey Into Your Chair

the trust funnel a client's journey into your chair

How does your beauty business find new clients? Have you ever asked yourself how your clients (your tribe) find their way into your chair? Figuring out your salon’s customer journey is the key to attracting an endless stream of similar clients to your salon. The Trust Funnel is a client’s journey to your chair. I […]

The Importance of Professional Branding Services

the importance of professional branding services

In the beauty business, client experiences are key. As a beauty business owner, you probably spend most of your time developing your client experience from behind the chair. However, the “experience” isn’t limited to your physical space. You may have your products and services locked in, but what is it that drives clients to visit […]

5 Promotions to Combat the Slow Summer Season

5 promotions to combat the slow summer season

From flash deals to fun giveaways, here are 5 hot promotions to combat the slow summer season. Summer is a notoriously slow season for many industries. People are traveling and parents are tied up with kids out of school. When it comes to summer beauty habits, clients may start opting for natural beach-friendly looks or […]

Beauty Business Start-Up Fundamentals

beauty business start-up fundamentals

As a beauty business marketing service provider, BeautyMark Marketing specializes in methods that increase brand awareness and acquire new salon guests. There is a very specified “formula” for booking appointments, the most essential factor is a professionally designed BRAND and WEBSITE. First impressions count BIG TIME when it comes to getting that cultivated lead to […]

How to Make Salon Summer Services Hot

How to make salon summer services hot

Monthly promotions are simply well-thought-out plans to keep clients and prospective clients aware of your salon. You want your salon or spa to be “top of mind” when they are motivated to make an appointment. Follow these steps to learn how to make salon summer services hot! The key to summer salon promotions is to […]

How to Get Instagram Savvy This Summer

how to get instagram savvy this summer

The slower summer months are a great time to plan out your Instagram strategy and content for the next 3 months. Are you hung up on what to post? How to Get Instagram savvy this summer and focus on creating a social media strategy that will maximize your online visibility, attract dream clients, and fill […]