Top 15 Salon Marketing Ideas for 2023

top 15 salon marketing ideas for 2023

In an over-saturated market, salons need to stand out in order to attract dream clients. In the business of beauty, the bar is set high. Salons are everywhere, and it is important to understand how you can differentiate yourself to attract clients. Here are the top 15 salon marketing ideas for 2023 to help you […]

10 Tips to Sweeten Valentine’s Day Sales

how to sweeten valentines day sales

Valentine’s Day is the one day that everyone expresses their love, implement these 10 tips to sweeten Valentine’s Day sales. Beauty businesses are perfectly poised to sell the perfect gift – beauty retail and service packages, when planned and promoted right, the additional dollars will make you fall in love with February. N°1 SHOW SOME […]

Charm ‘Em This Valentine’s Day

Charm 'em this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day has become a retail giant. Charm ’em this Valentine’s Day. The day of love is a beauty business’s dream, the perfect time for selling Valentine’s Day services as well as promoting products and services as gifts. With some love and creativity, you can create a Valentine’s Day salon merchandising experience that guests won’t […]

Pre-Booking: the Secret to Full Books

prebooking the secret to full books

Did you know that pre-booking is THE secret to full books? To every beauty business owner’s detriment, many clients extend the time between scheduled appointments. By implementing a pre-booking strategy you can maximize the return rate and visit frequency of your clients. The key is to reward clients for returning to the salon before they […]

10 Steps to Achieve Merry Merchandising

10 steps to achieve merry merchandising

This holiday season, don’t limit your merchandising and display efforts to just your salon’s “retail space”, there are plenty of additional spaces in the salon to promote products and services. Establish a “holiday look” for your beauty business and deck the halls to add cheer and give an overall “ho-ho-ho” to your business in your […]

Add Some Merry to Your Marketing

add some merry to your marketing

As the holidays approach, many beauty business owners are gearing up for the most opportunistic time of the year for service and retail sales growth. There is no better time to bring a little cheer to your bottom line, here are some ways to put a little merry in their holiday marketing. CREATE HOLIDAY PACKAGES […]

The Prerequisites to Running Social Ads

the prerequisites to running social ads

As a provider of DFY Social Ads + Ad Monthly Management services, BeautyMark Marketing specializes in crafting ads that increase brand awareness and acquire new salon guests. There is a very specified “formula” to running good Social Ads, the most essential factor is a professionally designed salon brand and website. First impressions count BIG TIME […]

Get In The Black with Gift Cards

get in the black with gift cards

Black Friday is the official kick-off to the holiday season. While many salon owners tend to ignore gift cards, viewing them as impersonal, the truth is when promoted properly gift cards make a great source of holiday cash flow. Gift cards allow you the opportunity to become a part of your guest’s holiday gift-giving solutions […]

Uplevel Your Brand Photography Guide

Uplevel your brand photography guide

As Creative Director of BeautyMark Marketing, I assist aesthetically-driven businesses to tell their “brand story” through both visual and marketing strategies. One of the most important visual elements of your brand story is your salon brand photography.  A collection of aesthetically on-brand and cohesive imagery is a must-have for any salon to effectively market the […]

How to Localize Salon Marketing Efforts

How to localize salon marketing efforts

Go Local! How to Localize salon marketing efforts. Localizing your salon marketing efforts to attract clients is a fantastic way to create a solid roster of repeat clients. Localization involves targeting promotional offers to people who live within 15 – 20 miles of your brick-and-mortar salon. These efforts let you narrow down your promotions to […]

The Beauty of Blogging

the beauty of blogging

The beauty of blogging. Does your salon website include a blog? Is it empty of content? Did you have plans for a blog, but abandoned utilizing it along the way? If so, your beauty business is missing out! The perfect way to spark the chain reaction of inbound marketing is a salon blog. Blogging is […]

Q1-Q3 Salon Marketing Evaluation

Q1-Q3 salon marketing evaluation

BeautyMark has created a list of key goals and intentions with our Q1-Q3 salon marketing evaluation. As the end of Q3 rapidly approaches the last two weeks of September are the optimal time to assess your current salon’s marketing routine. As the busy season approaches, reflect and review your previous nine month’s marketing objectives to […]